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If the aging process has begun to negatively impact the appearance of your face, jawline, and neck, we want to introduce you to an effective and minimally invasive procedure that can change everything: the Zoom Lift. At Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center, we are ready to help you achieve your cosmetic goals with this revolutionary procedure at one of our five locations in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, and Ukiah, CA.

What Is a Zoom Lift?

The Zoom Lift is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that combines two effective treatments, FaceTite and MyEllevate, to provide a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation experience. Patients who do not want to undergo a facelift or neck lift can benefit from this procedure. Both of these treatments are effective ways to restore youth and target the aging process, but when you combine them, they’re even more powerful, and together, they create the Zoom Lift.


FaceTite is a facelift alternative that uses radiofrequency energy and liposuction to address skin laxity, wrinkles, and aging in the lower half of the face. FaceTite involves the use of a small device and a nearly invisible incision. The device will be inserted into the treatment area to direct radiofrequency energy to the target areas.

Then, liposuction will be used to gently suction excess fat cells from the area. In doing so, FaceTite will also help stimulate collagen production, which will help restore youth to the entire area. FaceTite also addresses excess fatty tissue that may cause sagging and jowls while simultaneously tightening the skin.


MyEllevate uses minimally invasive facial rejuvenation techniques to provide patients who don’t want to schedule a facelift or neck lift with an effective alternative. It uses a technologically advanced system to address aging both on the face and neck by contouring, tightening, and lifting the entire area. During the MyEllevate process, sutures will be inserted below the skin to help address the neck, jawline, and the lower half of the face.

The entire process only takes about one hour to complete. By supporting the bands and glands in the neck, MyEllevate helps reshape, rejuvenate, define, and contour the lower half of the face and the jawline.

Your Zoom Lift Questions Answered

What Can It Treat?

The Zoom Lift addresses aging and sagging skin on the face, neck, and jawline. We can customize it to your primary concerns to help you achieve the most youthful yet natural-looking appearance. A defined jawline is one of the hallmarks of youth, and when you start to experience sagging or jowls, it can be disheartening. This unique procedure can address and correct jowls and restore youth to the face, jawline, and neck.

What Can I Expect During a Treatment?

When you arrive at your appointment, we will begin by administering a minimal amount of anesthesia to help you maintain comfort throughout the procedure. We will combine the MyEllevate and FaceTite techniques during the procedure as needed to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. During a consultation, we will create your treatment plan to determine which techniques will be necessary during your procedure to help address your specific problem areas.

The entire process takes place in our office and will take approximately one hour to complete. We typically provide patients with local anesthesia that results in twilight sleep, but we can also administer nitrous upon request.

When Will I See Results?

Once you undergo this procedure, you will notice immediate results, and those results will last anywhere from five to seven years. This procedure will significantly slow the aging process and will help turn back the clock by restoring youth to your features so that you can feel more confident in your appearance.

Is There Any Downtime?

One of the reasons this procedure has become so popular is that it delivers some amazing results but doesn’t require a significant amount of downtime. Most patients take a few days off to rest and recover after the procedure before returning to work. Once your procedure is complete, you will return home and return to our office the next day for a follow-up appointment.

You will be provided with a chinstrap and cervical collar to wear after your procedure is over to help promote a quick and efficient recovery. We will provide you with directions on when and how often to wear these devices before returning home.

What to Avoid

After your procedure, we recommend avoiding strenuous workouts or heavy lifting for at least one-week post-op. You won’t have many other aftercare directives to follow since this treatment does not require any significant stitches or incisions.

Who Is a Candidate?

Patients who have experienced the signs of aging in the lower half of their face, are struggling with jowls, or have developed a less than desirable profile make good candidates for a Zoom Lift. If you are not ready to schedule an invasive procedure for the sake of youth, you don’t have to. You have options, and this treatment is one of them.

While age isn’t a complete factor in determining your eligibility, most patients who schedule a Zoom Lift are in their 30s or 40s and have begun to experience some of the signs of aging, including skin laxity and visible bands and glands along the neckline. Those who want to prevent their existing signs of aging from getting worse can do so when they schedule this procedure.

Tighten and Elevate Your Face and Neck

Whether aging or genetic factors have caused sagging, drooping, and a less than desirable neck aesthetic, the Zoom Lift will help turn back the clock. Dr. Michele Zormeier, MD, and our experienced team can’t wait for you to experience the dramatic results that come from a procedure that combines MyEllevate and FaceTite; you’ll be amazed at your results and will feel an increased sense of confidence.

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