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Male Bioidentical Hormone Replacement (BHRT)

Male hormone restoration is an important process in maintaining energy levels, bone density, muscle mass, mood, sleep quality, and sex drive.  Male hormone imbalances can occur later in life as individuals age.  However, recently, Dr. Zormeier is even seeing younger men in their 20s and 30s who are discovered to have low testosterone.  

Often, especially with younger males, the initial reaction may be to supplement with testosterone to replace low levels.  Dr. Zormeier uses a comprehensive approach to attempt to balance the chemistry within a patient’s body so he will begin producing testosterone normally again.  Supplementation, diet modification, exercise, and other medications can be combined in order to naturally balance the body again. 

Older males may experience andropause as they age.  In all patient’s treated with testosterone, estrogen levels need to be monitored as part of the treatment.  With excess testosterone in the body from hormone replacement, a males body can convert the extra testosterone into estrogen.  As a result, if not monitored appropriately, the male can experience increase side effects from rising estrogen levels.  

Dr. Zormeier has laboratory testing in her office making blood testing easy.  If you are concerned about your male hormone levels, call Dr. Zormeier today!