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Juvéderm Vollure XC

NEW! from the Juvederm collection of fillers.
Long-Lasting RESULTS
Looking for a longer term solution which will smooth parentheses lines and wrinkles?
This newly approved FDA filler is an excellent choice to add volume to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and laugh lines with Long-Lasting RESULTS!
Clinical tests showed up to 18 months longevity.
The fact that Vollure XC lasts so long makes it very appealing to those who want to
“fill it and forget it”

What is Juvederm Vollure XC?

Juvederm Vollure XC is the newly FDA approved injectable filler designed to add volume to nasolabial folds (laugh lines) to lift, contour using VYCROSS technology which creates a more cohesive gel to create a more youthful appearance. It is natural- looking and lasts a full year longer than most injectables on the market.

How does Juvederm Vollure XC work?

A hyaluronic acid gel injection (naturally occurring in the body) acts like an inflated cushion to support facial structures and tissues that have lost volume and elasticity from normal aging.

Why choose Juvederm Vollure XC?

Vollure XC allows changes in the contours of the face and lasts up to 18 months. Vollure XC produces minimal swelling, which means shorter recovery time and minimal discomfort.

What is Vollure XC used for?

  • Vollure XC is used for moderate to severe lines and folds in the mid face.
  • Laugh Lines (Parenthesis lines)
  • Marionette Lines
  • Horizontal Chin Lines
  • Parentheses lines are static lines that appear around your nose and mouth when your face is at rest.

How is Vollure XC different from Voluma?

Vollure XC maintains correction and allows easy movement in the treated area with a molecule weight mix specific for this area. Voluma is weighted a little heavier than Vollure and is less elastic in nature. Volume replacement in the cheeks is not subject to the same repeated movements in the mouth area, so Voluma has a stiffer consistency for cheek augmentation.

What Juvederm filler is used for which area?

Volbella XC is best for lip lines and subtle volume for lip enhance.
Voluma XC is best used to add volume to the mid face for cheek augmentation.
Vollure XC is best used for marionette lines, laugh lines, and chin lines.

What are the side effects of Vollure XC?

Because hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring hydrating substance found in the human body, Vollure XC has fewer side effects that are milder and more short lived than those from other facial filler treatments.
Common side effects of Vollure XC include swelling, tenderness, bruising, redness, soreness, itching and all side effects usually subside within a week

What is recovery like after Vollure XC treatment?

Juvederm Vollure XC recovery is quick and healing is simple. Patients can immediately resume normal activities.

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Amanda Roemer
Amanda Roemer
I had lip filler done over the weekend and had a great experience. Dr. Zormeier and her assistant were wonderful.
Brooke Mullen
Brooke Mullen
Dr Zormeier and her team are amazing! They listened to my concerns and developed a plan of treatment to fit my desired results. I’m addition, Dr Zormeier personally encouraged me in my journey to better overall health for myself! I am extremely satisfied with my results and will trust my ongoing care to this team. But the best part are the compliments I get from friends and family, telling me that I look amazing!
Melissa Rivera
Melissa Rivera
The ending result made it all worthwhile. Dr Zormeier I’d highly skilled and does amazing work. She is very caring and wants pics every day the first couple weeks to ensure you are doing well. Very impressed with her work!! Eyes were done perfectly!!!
Jennifer Tobian
Jennifer Tobian
Dr. Michele gave me a lower blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing in April 2022. My undereye bags were very large, and genetic and I always looked tired before. This weekend I met up with all my long distance family and friends for Thanksgiving, and everyone wants to know my secret. They ask if I’ve lost weight or have a new sleep schedule. Nope! My results are natural, beautiful and permanent. I highly recommend Dr. Michele’s skill and her nurses warm bedside manner made me feel super comfortable the whole time.
Blaise Shuman
Blaise Shuman
Great results. Great staff. Highly recommended.
vildana R
vildana R
I have had Botox, fillers, and IPL laser. I’m 38 and was noticing that I often look tired, with under eye bags, a bit of smile lines, and slightly droopy eye brows. I noticed right away that the Botox did great with lifting up my brows. The fillers gave me some cheeks and disguised the under eye bags.. my laugh lines are much less noticeable. I still have 2 more sessions of the IPL laser but so far I’ve noticed much less redness and discoloration and look forward to the final result. I did feel like Dr. Zormier cared about making sure I was comfortable. I noticed that some of the reviews mentioned that she wasn’t sensitive to pain- that was not my experience at all. If I had any criticisms- I feel like there might be a bit more fillers than I would have liked in my cheeks.. this was my first experience getting work done so perhaps I didn’t communicate with DR. zormier as thoroughly as I should have. I didn’t know what to communicate so I pretty much let her do what she thought was best. Next time I have fillers, I will ask for about 25% less than what was injected. Also, for the fillers , Botox , and IPL laser, I spent $6000 . Very expensive . I’m hopeful that maintaining is much less than this .
Melissa Rivera
Melissa Rivera
I had a blepharoplasty done to excess skin that was bothersome and also co2 fractional laser done to face and neck. There is an amazing difference and at 4 weeks I’m feeling in awe at the difference. Dr. Zormeier did a beautiful job!
James Graham
James Graham
Great Dr and Team, laser treatment worked like a charm and I would highly recommend!
Dianne Wylie
Dianne Wylie
I am very impressed with Dr. Zormeier. She gives you her full attention and makes you feel at ease and does amazing work. I am so happy with my results. Her staff is very friendly and welcoming as well. Her work is second to none. I would highly recommend her.