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Laser Tattoo Removal

When you were younger, a tattoo seemed like the perfect way to express yourself – but now you find yourself wishing it could vanish. The solution for tattoo removal awaits you at Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery and Longevity Center. Dr. Michele Zormeier and her team continue to provide the latest cutting-edge, minimally invasive cosmetic laser technology available.

The VersaPulse® (VPC) laser removes tattoo ink using directed rays of light with a very low risk of scarring. This laser is the ultimate tattoo removal system, housing four lasers in one machine. The laser works on all color tattoo inks. The ink is broken up into 10-100 small fragmented particles to be carried off by the body.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Candidates for Tattoos of almost every color can be easily and effectively removed with the VPC laser. Whether your tattoo is black, blue, green, brown, or even red, patients typically experience excellent tattoo removal results with this treatment. Any skin color can be treated, and the best way to determine whether you are a good candidate is to contact our office today to learn more.


Laser tattoo removal with the VPC Laser offers many benefits for our patients:

  • Permanently remove those unwanted tattoos
  • FDA-cleared for safe tattoo removal
  • Even larger tattoos of varying colors can be removed

Recovery & Results

In most cases, tattoos that were professionally performed need 8 to 15 treatments, while amateur tattoos need about 8 sessions with all treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart. You will receive a treatment protocol designed to help you get ideal tattoo removal results.

Laser tattoo removal is unique for each patient, depending on the size of the tattoo, number of tattoos, and tattoo colors. For those reasons, the treatment time varies. After your tattoo has been removed, the benefits are permanent.