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Restylane Lyft®

Restylane Lyft® is a non-surgical injectable filler specifically for cheek volume loss and nasolabial lines.   With an increase in age, people naturally begin to experience a loss of fat which leaves them with loose skin, wrinkles, and a lack of fullness in the cheeks or face.  Restylane Lyft®, formerly known as Perlane-L®, is the only FDA approved filler indicated to increase lift in the cheek region.  This filler option can also be used to help fill nasolabial lines, wrinkles, and volume loss.

Is Restylane Lyft® Safe?

Yes, Restlane Lyft® is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel.  As with any hyaluronic acid treatment, the most common side effects were bruising, redness, swelling, pain, headache, tenderness and itching. These events decrease in severity over time, and are mostly resolved after two weeks.

How do I know which filler to choose?

Dr. Michele Zormeier is an expert in facial plastic surgery.  Make an appointment today for your free consultation and Dr. Zormeier will help you determine what treatment or product would meet your personal goals.