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What Are the Benefits of FaceTite?

In your younger years, the goal is to get a tighter body, so you spend time at the gym to tighten and tone that body. However, the aging process suddenly kicks in, and facial skin laxity becomes a concern that you’ve never dealt with before. At our Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center locations in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, and Ukiah, CA, we offer FaceTite, a treatment that can help restore tighter, youthful-looking skin.

What Are the Benefits of FaceTite?

Our Northern CA patients love FaceTite because it provides a non-surgical solution to the aging process, and it’s safe, natural, and effective. If you’re looking to combat the signs of aging and increase collagen and elastin production within your skin, this treatment is the perfect option that can help you experience tighter, lifted skin.

It’s a Minimally Invasive Treatment

Many people who want to combat aging and tighten their skin think that doing so requires an invasive procedure or even surgical techniques. While surgical intervention is often necessary to correct the more severe signs of aging, there are many cases in which it’s not.

That’s where FaceTite comes in. This minimally invasive treatment does not require any surgical techniques but instead uses a tiny, hair-thin probe combined with the power of radiofrequency energy to target some specific skin concerns and restore youth to your skin.

There Is Very Minimal Downtime

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin but don’t have time for or don’t want to plan around downtime, this treatment will help you get the best of both worlds. Post-treatment, you will be provided with some aftercare instructions, but you won’t have to endure an extensive recovery period. Most patients are fully recovered within three to five days of the treatment and can resume their normal daily activities shortly after undergoing the treatment.

It Delivers Long-Lasting Results

Those who choose this effective anti-aging treatment to improve the appearance of their skin can expect long-lasting results. For some, the tightening effects of this treatment can last up to five years. A touch-up treatment down the road can help you prolong your results and continue to enjoy tight and lifted skin.

It Can Treat the Face and the Body

Not only can you utilize this effective treatment to tighten the skin on your face, but it can also be used to treat and tighter smaller areas on the body that have experienced skin laxity as a result of the aging process.

The body experiences the signs of aging just like the face does, but unlike our faces, we often pay less attention to our body, that is, until aging becomes noticeable. If you’ve experienced skin laxity in the smaller of your body, we can help restore youth to those areas.
We will design a treatment plan that targets one or multiple areas so that you can experience real, natural, skin-tightening results.

It Doesn’t Result in Any Scarring

This treatment requires the insertion of a tiny probe just below the skin’s surface, but the insertion point and the probe are so small that you will barely see it. You won’t need any sutures post-treatment because the skin will heal on its heir own.

Additionally, the probe insertion points are so small that the healing process will not result in any visible scars. This treatment is the perfect way to improve your skin, and when you schedule it, you won’t have to live in fear that you’re making it worse rather than better.

It Can Treat Skin Elasticity and Stubborn Fat

Another one of the reasons that patients love this treatment is that it can also target stubborn fat cells. Some people have excess fat on their face, or the aging process has led to the redistribution of facial fat, and now they have fat in areas where they’d rather not have fat.

The treatment device can use radiofrequency energy to force the body to create more collagen and elastin, and that same heat energy can destroy the stubborn fat cells. Once those fat cells break down, the body can eliminate them naturally in the months following your treatment.

It Delivers Both Immediate and Gradual Results

Another one of the benefits of FaceTite is that the results are both immediate and gradual. Once you undergo the treatment, your body will respond to the radiofrequency energy that’s been delivered into the deeper layers of the skin with an immediate contraction. When your existing collagen contracts, as a result, your skin will immediately look and feel tighter.

However, you’ll also gradually experience an improvement in your appearance over time. You’ll see improvements in the appearance of your skin in the six months following your treatment as your body eliminates those stubborn fat cells that have been destroyed during the treatment and as it increases collagen and elastin production to make the skin tighter, thicker, and firmer.

It’s Natural

This treatment is non-surgical by nature, but it’s also natural. It uses real radiofrequency energy to safely and naturally improve the skin. If you don’t want to inject any substances into your skin or undergo an invasive procedure to improve your appearance, this treatment is a perfect alternative that can help rejuvenate your skin and turn back the clock in a completely natural way.

It Utilizes the Power of Radiofrequency Energy

Radiofrequency energy has become a gold standard in the beauty world. It heats the skin to force the body to create more collagen and elastin and does so in a completely natural way. During this treatment process, it will also heat stubborn fat cells and help you improve your complexion.

If you have found that your topical anti-aging products or even some specific in-office skincare treatments aren’t tightening your skin in the way that you’d like, this treatment can make a significant difference in your skin and finally help you reach your skin goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During a Treatment?

During the treatment, your technician will first apply a topical numbing solution to your skin so can you feel comfortable throughout your session. Then, the device will be activated, and the probe will be inserted into your skin to heat the layers with radiofrequency energy.

What Can It Treat?

FaceTite is designed to address the early to moderate signs of aging and can help patients of different ages improve the health and appearance of their skin. The treatment can be completely customized to your unique needs, which is why your pre-treatment consultation is such an important step in the process.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Once you undergo the FaceTite treatment, you can expect two-fold results. It forces the collagen to contract and initiates a process called lipolysis by targeting stubborn fat cells with radiofrequency heat energy. Lipolysis is another term for cell death, and once those cells die, your body will eliminate them, and you’ll gradually achieve your ideal appearance. It can help deliver the next best thing to a facelift without you ever undergoing an invasive procedure to achieve those results.

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for this skin tightening treatment are men and women in the Northern California, Illinois, or Indiana areas with skin laxity in different portions of their faces or bodies. If your topical solutions and anti-aging treatments aren’t doing the work to tighten your skin, you don’t have to live with skin laxity and many of the other similar symptoms that accompany the aging process; you may need something more effective, and this treatment may be just the thing.

A consultation at our NorCal, IL, or IN offices with one of our expert technicians is the best way to find out more about this treatment and if it’s right for you. When you come in and meet with one of our experts, you can discuss your goals, and she will evaluate your planned treatment area in person, make recommendations, and then finally, design a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Tighten Your Skin With the Power of Radiofrequency Energy

You don’t need to schedule an invasive procedure to combat aging. This skin tightening treatment is a minimally invasive yet effective way to naturally tighten the skin, eliminate excess fat cells, and restore your youthful glow. Contact us today at our Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center locations in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, and Ukiah, CA, to learn more about the skin tightening treatment and how it can transform your appearance.

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