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Using DNA for Optimal Health

A NEW Approach to Wellness
Knowing your DNA for Optimal Health 
If you have been searching for answers to your Health issues without resolution, DNA testing should be the next step.
Because of new technological advances, a simple saliva test can help you determine your DNA. Everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA; these variants can impact your ability to make and use different nutrients critical for circulatory, immune, and emotional health.
With the advancement of DNA testing and measuring. a new approach to wellness focuses on finding the root cause of illness rather than focusing on and treating symptoms
By using scientific studies, DNA researchers have discovered that the root cause of most illness is the presence of free radicals and oxidative stress.  These free radicals are superoxide and perioxynitrite; along with glutamate and ammonia which are agents that can cause damage. Your body naturally produces all four of these agents, but genetic variations can cause you to have too much of them. When  out of balance, these free radicals can cause cellular damage and inflammation , leading to slower rebuilding and repair of cells, faster aging, and more optimal conditions to cause disease.
To compensate for these free radicals, your body makes antioxidants, such as super oxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione, and uses folate to rebuild and repair damaged cells.
But your inherited genetic issues may inhibit you from making enough antioxidants, cause you to produce too much oxidants, and suppress your ability to create enough folate for cell repair, which can negatively impact your health.
Now through genetic saliva testing, we can measure your ability to make and use enzymes that are critical components of your health. Some of the more significant enzymes include
GLUTATHIONE- detoxifies and controls inflammation
SOD- neutralizes the superoxide free radical
BH4- supports neurotransmitters and helps detoxify ammonia
NEUROTRANSMITTERS- assists in emotional health
CHOLINE- enhances liver health
FOLATE- stimulates cell and neurotransmitter health
SAMe- supports many bodily functions
B12- makes blood cells and supports a healthy nervous system
Diseases related to free radicals and oxidative stress
Alzheimer’s disease
Chronic fatigue
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson’s disease
When in balance, these enzymes can control free radicals, keep your cells healthy, and effectively build new cells.
As a result, you will look and feel younger and remain healthy and vibrant as you age. 
You are never too young or old to optimize your nutritional and antioxidant status. 
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