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InMode FaceTite and BodyTite Advantages That You Should Know

InMode FaceTite and BodyTite

The popularity of cosmetic procedures and treatments has grown at an exorbitant rate. The public has become educated regarding the benefits of numerous aesthetic treatments. As time has passed, technology has improved ensuring these treatments are both effective and safe. According to the latest statistics, in excess of sixteen billion was spent by consumers in the United States for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in 2018 alone. The second most popular procedure in the world is liposuction. The number one procedure is breast augmentation. The growth rate for body contouring procedures is also increasing in popularity along with a variety of non-invasive procedures to tighten the skin and decrease excess fat. All of these statistics and the desire of the consumer have combined. The was the introduction of InMode FaceTite and BodyTite.

The need for an effective body contouring procedure became apparent. Some of the key concerns of the public included the potential skin compromises, excessive skin and general appearance of the skin after traditional liposuction. If an individual was obese, they were unable to have liposuction due to the loose and excess skin often resulting from the procedure. This made the contours of the body look worse and patients were dissatisfied with the results. The only other option was surgery. This meant a new type of liposuction capable of contracting the skin was necessary for these individuals. The new idea was to find a solution to these issues, decrease downtime, offer better results and improve safety. The new technology available for body contouring uses a thermal effect.

The thermal effect encompasses the sub-dermal matrix, the skin and adipose tissues. This treatment is called InMode FaceTite and BodyTite. The treatment is minimally invasive and safe. There have already been in excess of 40,000 successful treatments performed using this technology with exceptional results. The past issue of compromised skin has been addressed with this procedure. The dermis is contracted using a new and three-dimensional approach. As the treatment extracts the fat, a tightening effect is created for the skin. This provides a dramatic outcome without the need for any downtime, scars or scalpels. The technology used for InMode FaceTite and BodyTite uses a more efficient transfer of energy and a higher power than a typical laser energy treatment.

This means the procedure is able to treat larger amounts of subcutaneous tissue. The thermal profiles are optimal for tightening the skin. There is a dramatic shrinking of the tissues. As the tissues are heated, the tissue shrinkage rate increases. The majority of individuals have been able to resume all of their regular activities within just a couple days after the treatment. When there are only one or two smaller areas targeted, the medical professional can use local anesthesia. This eliminates the need for general anesthesia in these instances. The popularity of the procedure has been attributed to the safety, decreased downtime and effectiveness of the treatment.

The Advantages of InMode FaceTite and BodyTite

You may have already heard about InMode FaceTite and BodyTite on local or national television. The treatment targets radio-frequency-energy beneath your skin. This tightens not only your skin but the suspending structures. This is different than standard radio-frequency devices because the transmission of the energy is between two separate areas. These points are both outside and inside the skin. When the correct temperature has been achieved, the energy is stopped by the temperature monitors. This enables the energy to be precisely focused on the targeted area without risking the safety of the individual. FaceTite was created as a minimally invasive option for the treatment of both moderate and mild skin laxity. The treatment was successfully used across the globe for numerous years before the FDA gave their approval for the United States.

This is an excellent option for anyone who is not interested in having a facelift. The results are exceptional. No minimally invasive or non-invasive procedures have come close to matching these results. The results are dramatic, a good alternative to having a facelift and completely eliminate the need for surgery. The best possible candidate for this procedure does not want to be left with the potential scarring from a facelift, is not interested in having surgery using full anesthesia and is not a candidate for a facelift due to skin laxity. This procedure is ideal for any individual desiring an improvement in the looseness of the skin on the face, neck and jowls without the need for a facelift.

BodyTite has been extremely successful for the treatment of loose skin on numerous areas of the body including the arms. During the past, the only proven option for treating the excessive and loose skin of the arms was surgery. Unfortunately, this type of surgery often results in a scar from the shoulder to the elbow. This was the reason so many individuals decided not to have this surgery. BodyTite is an excellent option because it safely offers a substantial improvement without the risk of any scarring on the arms. The treatment is also appropriate for the breasts. This type of breast lift will not result in any scarring. When liposuction and BodyTite are combined, a modest breast reduction can be achieved. The unacceptable scarring has been eliminated. This procedure is also effective for asymmetrical breasts requiring a little tightening or more perkiness.

Many individuals are left with a little excess skin on their abdomens after fluctuations in weight or pregnancy. A full abdominoplasty is not possible because there is not enough skin. Numerous individuals are unwilling to have the procedure due to the extensive period of time required for recovery. In most cases, these individuals have a fairly small amount of excess or loose skin. BodyTite offers an effective solution by tightening the loose skin and connective tissue. The treatment also decreases the potential for undesirable folds, waviness and dimples. Another issue often impacting the thighs and knees is the aging process. This often causes either loose or wrinkled skin to appear on the thighs and knees.

Prior to BodyTite, there were no treatments considered acceptable for either of these areas. This procedure effectively tightens the connections between the skin and muscle, tightens and shrinks the skin and makes a dramatic improvement in undesirable lines on the skin. Once the fat in the thighs has been removed and the skin tightened, this procedure has been extremely effective for the improvement and restoration of the contours of the thighs. No surgery is required and the procedure will not cause any scarring on the thighs. BodyTite has also been successful for treating other areas of the body including the stubborn bulge often appearing between the bra and the arm pit and the area directly beneath the bra line. These treatments are effective, minimally invasive, safe, and proven procedures for body contouring.

The procedure begins when a wand is inserted by the medical professional beneath the skin. This tightens the upper layer of skin while melting the fat. This revolutionary procedure is an excellent option for a tummy tuck or a facelift. Numerous individuals not interested in an invasive surgery have been well satisfied with the results from this treatment. The procedure is often performed using either light sedation or local anesthesia. The results are generally surgical quality without the associated scarring. As more and more individuals have become aware of this treatment, the popularity has continued to increase. The procedure offers a lot of benefits only available in the past through an invasive surgery. InMode FaceTite and BodyTite decreases the skin laxity on the neck and face without the need for a facelift and without any scarring. The additional benefits include:

  • Decreasing the appearance of loose skin and deep lines
  • Reducing the look of a double chin
  • Improving the appearance of the jowl line
  • Providing an excellent alternative to a tummy tuck or a facelift
  • Eliminating any potential scarring
  • The results become visible in just six to twelve weeks
  • Only three to six months are necessary to see optimal results
  • The procedure is minimally invasive
  • An excellent alternative to an arm lift, breast lift or body lift
  • The procedure lifts and tightens the abdomen
  • The treatment melts body fat
  • There is no need for scalpels, surgery or extended downtime
  • Excellent option for excessive fat in the abdominal area or beneath the arms
  • Tightens loose skin caused by weight loss, pregnancy and aging
  • Fat reduction without any wrinkling or saggy skin
  • Only one treatment is necessary
  • A continuous improvement in results

If you are interested in learning more or are ready to have the InMode FaceTite and BodyTite treatment, please feel free to reach out and make an appointment with Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center. At our convenient locations in Noblesville, Danville, Shelbyville, and Healdsburg, our caring and dedicated team of professionals will be pleased to explain these options in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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