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Microaire Power Assisted Liposuction, Best Treatment For Fat Reduction.

If you have areas of fat on your body that don’t respond to diet and exercise, don’t worry. Achieving a sculpted, sleeker body is simple at any of the branches of Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center, in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, and Ukiah, CA. We can help you achieve this goal with Microaire power assisted liposuction. Read on to learn how this innovative procedure can reduce your fat in an efficient, comfortable manner.


What Is Microaire Power Assisted Liposuction?

Microaire power assisted liposuction, or PAL, is a state-of-the-art fat reduction treatment. Many traditional liposuction procedures use old, out-dated technologies. These procedures have several drawbacks. They may require patients to receive general anesthesia and deal with a lengthy recovery process.


Further, these procedures may prevent doctors from working with the level of precision that they need to achieve optimal results. PAL fixes these issues by using a gentler, more comfortable method of fat removal. This innovative technology allows doctors to be more precise and effective.


Important Questions About Power Assisted Lipo

Why Do I Have Unwanted Fat?

If you haven’t been able to reduce your fat by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet, don’t worry. Many people aren’t able to improve their bodies through lifestyle changes alone.


Unwanted Fat

It’s common for people to have deposits of fat that don’t respond to increased exercise or dieting. For instance, women often have fat on their thighs and hips. Many men carry excess fat on their stomachs.


People may be more likely to experience these fat deposits as they age. In particular, menopause can make weight loss and fat reduction more difficult for women. A person’s genetics can also increase their chances of developing unwanted fat deposits.


The Role of Fat Cells

The behavior of fat cells may explain why so many people can’t reduce their fat. People create many of their fat cells during childhood and early adulthood. Your body does not eliminate these fat cells when you lose weight. Instead, the fat cells become smaller.


If you regain weight, the fat cells will become larger again. The consistency of these fat cells may make it very hard for people to lose fat and improve their bodies.


Lifestyle Changes

People can shrink their fat cells by exercising and eating healthfully. That said, people often struggle to reduce fat in particular areas, such as their thighs or stomachs, through these methods.


This means that a person’s unwanted fat deposits may persist even if they avoid indulgent foods and exercise every day. This can be very frustrating. Fortunately, PAL offers an effective way for people to target and reduce fat in specific areas of their bodies.


What Areas of My Body Can Power Assisted Liposuction Improve?

Microaire power assisted liposuction is a flexible fat reduction method that can target many areas of your body. PAL can contour your hips, thighs, and love handles. PAL can also reduce fat on your abdomen, calves, and neck. Microaire PAL can also improve your arms and back.


Since PAL is more precise than other liposuction methods, your doctor can use this technique to sculpt and contour your body in a controlled, careful manner. This process will address your unwanted fat and improve your overall look.


Improvements for Women

Women often use liposuction to target specific areas for their bodies. Women frequently improve their abdomens, love handles, thighs, and hips. They may also use PAL to reduce fat on their backs, necks, and chins.


Improvements for Men

Men frequently want to address their love handles, abdomens, and necklines. They may also want to contour their flanks.


What Are the Differences Between Power Assisted Liposuction and Traditional Methods of Liposuction?

Microaire power assisted liposuction was developed to improve and refine liposuction procedures. It uses an innovative device to make liposuction more effective, comfortable, and precise. Today, thousands of patients use Microaire PAL to reduce fat and improve their bodies every year.


The Old Methods

In traditional liposuction procedures, patients were given general anesthesia. The doctors used large cannulas to perform the procedures. These narrow, stainless steel tubes sometimes made the fat removal process more taxing on the patients’ bodies.


Further, using these devices could be physically challenging for doctors. These challenges sometimes prevented doctors from achieving precise, optimal results.


A Better Way

Microaire PAL uses a power-assisted cannula to provide a significant improvement over traditional liposuction technology. This cannula works by vibrating in a gentle, steady manner. These vibrations break up your fat cells and make it easier to suction them from your body.


The cannula moves through your tissues quickly and smoothly. This allows doctors to remove your fat without harming the surrounding tissues. This device is also easier for doctors to use, which allows them to be more precise during your procedure.


What Are the Benefits of Power Assisted Liposuction?

Power assisted liposuction offers several benefits over traditional liposuction methods.


Better Results

PAL allows doctors to remove more fat than they can target during a traditional liposuction session. Further, doctors have better control during PAL. They can, therefore, achieve superior contouring and body sculpting results. Patients are often thrilled with their sculpted, slimmer bodies.


An Easier Process

PAL doesn’t require general anesthesia, making this procedure easier for patients. PAL is also faster than traditional liposuction procedures. Patients experience less trauma, swelling, and bruising. They are more comfortable during the fat removal process.


This procedure has shorter recovery times than traditional liposuction procedures. Further, since power-assisted liposuction does not use heat, patients do not face any risk of burns during the fat removal process.


What Will My Power Assisted Liposuction Procedure Be Like?

This procedure is straightforward and comfortable, so there’s no need to feel nervous before your appointment.


Preparing for Your Procedure

We will tell you how to prepare for your PAL procedure. You may need to avoid taking certain medications, like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. We may also ask you to avoid taking certain vitamins and homeopathic items.


Beginning the Process

Your medical provider will sedate you during your PAL procedure, so you will be comfortable during this process. Many patients receive local anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Your doctor will monitor your heart, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels to ensure that you are safe during the procedure.


Once you are sedated, your doctor will inject a solution into the target area. This solution will cause your fat cells to increase in size, which will make them easier to remove. The solution will also numb the area and reduce bleeding.


Removing Your Fat

Once your fat cells are ready, your doctor will make tiny incisions in your body. Your doctor will make these incisions in areas that people won’t notice, like your underwear line or your skin creases.


Next, your doctor will put the power-assisted cannula into the incisions. They will use the cannula to suction away your fat. The length of this process varies depending on the patient and the amount of fat that the doctor is removing. The process will take longer if the doctor is removing more fat from your body.



Every patient is different, so your recovery will be unique. That said, most people return to their normal schedule within a few weeks. Many patients return to work within a week. Your medical provider will advise you about any rules that you should follow during your recovery or certain behaviors that you should avoid.


For instance, they may ask you not to spend too much time in a stationary position, like sitting in a car, in the weeks that follow your procedure. They may also ask you to do regular stretching exercises or wear compression garments to help your skin heal.


Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Power Assisted Liposuction?

PAL is a wonderful way to remove fat and contour your body. That said, this procedure is not for everyone.


People With Excess Fat

If you have unwanted fat that you can’t remove on your own, PAL may be right for you. This procedure is suitable for healthy people who are within 30% of their ideal body weight. Patients should have good skin elasticity and muscle tone. They should be relatively fit. Lack of excess skin may also improve the effectiveness of the procedure.



Women aren’t the only ones who have excess fat that keeps them from feeling good about their bodies. Men may also have unwanted fat deposits. PAL works on men and women, making it a great option for men who wish to improve their bodies.


Expert Advice

You need not decide whether to do this procedure on your own. During your initial consultation, we will examine your body and discuss your medical history. We will discuss any fat reduction treatments or diet and exercise programs you have done before. We will discuss how your body responded to those efforts. We will use this information to determine whether PAL is right for you.


Will Power Assisted Liposuction Help Me Lose Weight?

Many people believe that liposuction is a perfect way to lose weight. This is inaccurate. PAL, like other liposuction methods, is not designed to help people lose weight. Rather, power assisted liposuction will contour your body and reduce your fat.


To achieve optimal results, people should maintain a stable weight before their procedure. You should also be near your goal weight when you receive this procedure. During your initial consultation, we will provide you with more information about how to prepare for PAL.


Will My Results Be Permanent?

People love PAL because it provides significant, long-lasting results. Many patients see the full effect of the fat removal process up to six months after their procedures. This is because your body needs time to heal and renew after your fat is removed.


The fat reduction results are permanent. PAL contours your body by removing fat cells. Once they are gone, these fat cells are gone forever! If you gain weight after receiving PAL, your other fat cells will become larger. The fat cells that were removed during your procedure will not return.


Will My Doctor’s Skill Level Impact the Quality of My Procedure?

PAL is a state-of-the-art device that uses innovative technology to make liposuction easier and more precise. That said, the doctor who is performing the procedure still has a significant impact on your results. Although individual results will vary, patients typically have the best outcomes when their doctor is skilled.


Dr. Michele Zormeier has extensive experience with these procedures. Further, she continues to educate herself about the most current methods and advances in this field.

Come See Us!

Are you ready to say goodbye to your unwanted fat? Microaire power assisted liposuction can help you lose fat in a safe, efficient manner. To learn more about this wonderful procedure, contact us at Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, or Ukiah, CA for a consultation.

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