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What Is Facetite and How Does This Treatment Works?

Does it feel like you noticing new signs of aging in the mirror each day? Are you discouraged by the appearance of lines, wrinkles, or loose skin on your face, jawline, and neck? Do you want to restore a smoother, more youthful appearance without the risks, expense, or recovery time associated with surgery? If so, you could be a good candidate for FaceTite, a minimally invasive anti-aging procedure proudly offered at Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center. We help patients in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, and Ukiah, CA reach their aesthetic goals.


What Is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a revolutionary procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to painlessly heat the layers of your skin, stimulate new collagen production, and thus create a firmer, smoother appearance. Treatment can effectively minimize signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition, it can sculpt and contour areas like the neck, jawline, and chin, which often show signs of skin laxity that can make you look older or heavier than you really are. Typical appointments take less than 1 hour, require little downtime, and allow you to return to your normal activities almost immediately with minimal side effects.

How Does It Work?

During treatment, one of our skilled doctors will use a handheld probe, which is inserted into the skin, to evenly heat the outer and inner layers with radiofrequency energy. This heating process triggers an instant healing response that causes the skin to become tighter and destroys fat cells in the target area.

You can see a noticeable difference in your skin after treatment, but your results will only improve as dead fat cells are expelled from your body and new collagen growth further tightens and lifts your skin. Final results are usually visible after just 6-12 weeks.

What Are the Benefits of Treatment?

This treatment is considered safe and effective for most patients, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to see their skin rejuvenated. The procedure itself is minimally invasive and requires almost no downtime, making it easy to fit your appointment into even the busiest schedule.

It also involves no risk of scarring, less swelling and bruising, and fewer risks than similar procedures. Your results are instantly noticeable and improve over time and, for most patients, the results of the procedure are incredibly long-lasting and deliver a significant confidence boost.

Which Areas Can Be Treated?

This procedure can improve the appearance of your skin in several key areas. Here are some of the most commonly treated parts of the body.


The face is often one of the first places to show signs of aging. Understandably, this makes many patients desperate to find a solution to fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin. FaceTite can boost the body’s collagen production, which helps to create a long-lasting framework beneath the skin.

This creates a natural lift and helps refresh the skin’s overall appearance and health. As the full results of treatment become noticeable, you should see fine lines and wrinkles fade as the skin becomes smoother and tighter.



Skin laxity can affect the contour of your jawline. As you age, your skin can begin to sag and may create a double chin effect. Fat deposits may also form under the jawline and chin, creating small bulges that are almost impossible to reduce with diet and exercise alone.

These concerns can be corrected with this procedure, which simultaneously melts away fat and tightens loose skin to create a more contoured, attractive jawline in just one session.


The neck is not immune to signs of aging. It is often impacted by skin laxity and wide wrinkles or folds as the skin ages. This procedure can help turn back the hands of time and tighten the skin on your neck, fading wrinkles, tightening skin folds, and minimizing the appearance of aging skin.

Other Areas

In some cases, this treatment can be used to target small areas of the body that may be showing signs of aging. If you have concerns about specific body parts, our doctors can evaluate these areas during an initial consultation to determine whether this procedure could improve your specific concerns.

How Does It Compare to a Facelift?

In the past, facelift surgery was considered the only effective way to address signs of aging in the face. While this surgery is still the longest-lasting solution available, it is not permanent and comes with the normal risks of major surgery.

It also requires significant downtime after surgery and may not be ideal for many patients due to the expense or the negative side effects that may occur after the procedure is finished. In addition, a facelift surgery performed by an inexperienced surgeon can result in an unnatural appearance or serious health concerns.

In contrast, FaceTite is fast, painless, and requires minimal downtime. It also creates zero scars and is gentler on the skin. Once final results begin to deteriorate due to the natural progression of the aging process, many patients return for follow-up procedures to maintain their ideal image. Compared to a facelift, this procedure option is appropriate for a wider range of patients due to its more cost-effective pricing, limited downtime, and near-instant results.

How Long Does It Last?

While there is no permanent solution to the natural process of aging, we are able to slow or even temporarily reverse signs of aging with this procedure. Once your final results are visible–which typically occurs 6-12 weeks after your appointment–you can expect to enjoy your freshly rejuvenated skin for an average of 3-5 years.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

The aging process affects men and women of all ages, so this procedure could be a good option for you if you are concerned about the appearance of your skin. While most of our patients are over 40, younger patients can also see excellent results and prevent the development of some signs of aging with one simple appointment.

A good candidate is healthy, has mild to moderate aging concerns, and has informed, realistic expectations about their possible results. You may not be an ideal candidate if you have an active skin irritation or infection in the target area, have a bleeding disorder, or have severe signs of aging that cannot be effectively treated with this procedure.

One of our doctors will help you determine whether this procedure is right for you during an initial consultation.

What Should I Expect?

While each patient’s experience is unique, here is what you can expect from a typical FaceTite procedure process:


Your initial consultation is designed to determine your candidacy for treatment. One of our doctors will sit down with you to review your medical history, examine your areas of concern, and discuss your ideal results.

In some cases, they may recommend other treatments which can be combined with this procedure to enhance your results and address other skin concerns simultaneously. Once you are approved for treatment, you can begin preparing for your first appointment.


Depending on your unique circumstances, your doctor may give you specific instructions for your preparation period. You should plan to follow these instructions carefully to ensure optimal results and a speedy healing process.

In general, you should avoid anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning medications and herbal supplements for approximately 1 week before your appointment. You should also avoid any new skincare products or treatments that could irritate your skin in the target area and protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen whenever you are outside.


On the day of your appointment, we recommend bringing a friend or family member who can drive you home after your procedure. Your doctor will be available for any questions before your procedure begins. You will be given a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort and, once your skin is numb, your doctor will use the handheld probe to begin treating the skin.

You may feel a slight pressure as the probe enters your skin and some patients report feeling the warming energy of the radiofrequency treatment, but the overall process should be completely painless.

A normal appointment lasts approximately 1 hour, depending on the areas you have treated. Once your doctor is finished, you can see your initial results in a mirror. Your doctor will cover the treated areas with a protective dressing and may ask you to wear a compression bandage for the next few days. You will be allowed to return home to recover.


The recovery process may look different for each patient and depends on the extent of their treatment. For the first 2-4 days, you may notice swelling and mild tenderness in the treated area. This is normal and typically subsides within 1 week.

Most patients are able to return to work after 3-5 days. As the skin heals, we recommend avoiding sun exposure as much as possible. In addition, you should avoid any exfoliating or irritating skin treatments for at least 2 weeks.


While you should notice some improvement immediately after treatment, your final results will not appear until 6-12 weeks after treatment. At this point, your body should have expelled dead fat cells and reinforced your skin’s collagen structure with new collagen.

This should make your skin appear firmer and smoother, minimizing lines and wrinkles as well as loose skin and pockets of fat. To prolong your results, you should practice good sun protection habits. This includes wearing sunscreen when you go outside. The sun is estimated to cause over 90% of all common skin concerns and can accelerate the aging process. In addition, our doctors can recommend various restorative skin treatments that may enhance the effects of this procedure.

Most patients experience final results lasting 3-5 years. Thanks to the minimally invasive nature of this procedure, the majority of patients can return for a follow-up appointment once their results begin to fade to maintain their ideal image.

Contact Us to Learn More!

Once the aging process begins, many patients become discouraged and feel unsatisfied with the appearance of their skin. The good news is that while the aging process is a normal part of life, its side effects don’t need to keep you from feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin.

FaceTite can transform your skin and deliver attractive, long-lasting results to keep you looking and feeling your best. Facetite

To learn more, contact us at Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center in Noblesville, IN, Shelbyville, IN, Danville, IL, Healdsburg, CA, and Ukiah, CA today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to seeing you in one of our locations soon and can’t wait to help you reach your anti-aging goals! Facetite

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