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Why Consider a Facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to improve the overall appearance of the facial skin. If you’re in your mature adult years and are now experiencing sagging, skin folds, and droopy jowls, a facelift may dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.

Many factors influence the way in which your skin changes in appearance over the years. These include a redistribution of facial fat, thinning of the skin, and the long-term effects of gravity. When we consult with our patients who come to us to discuss a facelift procedure, we outline the surgery in detail and offer realistic outcome expectations based on our observations of the facial skin. Below is a brief overview of the procedure and what it can correct.

Who is a Candidate?

The ideal candidate will be an individual who is a non-smoker and doesn’t have any severe skin conditions. Drooping of the facial skin, unwanted facial contours, and moderate creasing due to the sagging of the skin are not signs of a medical problem, but they do indicate that age-related factors are involved. Fat deposits along the jawline can result in the dreaded jowls, and these can also be improved with facelift surgery.

Performing the Surgery

It’s important to understand that the exact details of the procedure vary from patient to patient based on a number of factors. We understand that everyone is unique and has their own goals, and that’s why we customize our facelift procedures based on our patients’ wants and needs. With that being said, during a typical procedure, excess fat and skin is removed and the remaining skin is tightened for a younger look overall.

Long-Lasting Results

The greatest appeal of this procedure is its ability to provide real results that last for a long time. Most of our patients report satisfactory results lasting for years. Many individuals undergo but a single facelift in their lifetime; however, it is impossible to stop the natural aging process, so this will depend on the situation.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you’re concerned about the age-related factors that are detracting from your facial appearance, you might want to consider a facelift. To learn more, we warmly invite you to reach out and make an appointment at Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery & Longevity Center. For your convenience, we have locations in Noblesville, Shelbyville, Danville, Healdsburg, and Ukiah. Contact us today to schedule your facelift consultation!

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