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How Is Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that corrects sagging and drooping of the upper and lower lids. As we age, excess fat beneath the lid skin and wrinkling become more prominent. This can really detract from our appearance because the impression is one of tiredness. Our eyelids frame the eyes, and when they sag or droop, it makes us appear unhealthy or bored.

Performing eyelid surgery is rather simple, but the skin surgeon must design a customized procedure for each individual. The consultations and examinations that precede the surgery are important because the entire procedure is designed based on the current condition of the lid skin, the location of fat deposits, and the amount of wrinkling. We hope the following information will answer your most basic questions about eyelid surgery, particularly how it’s performed and what long-term results you can expect.

What the Surgery Corrects

Blepharoplasty is a sort of skin tightening treatment. It’s much like a facelift on a much, much smaller scale. Skin is lifted via the making of tiny incisions that allow the skin layers to be pulled tighter. 

During the procedure, the skin surgeon will remove excess pockets of fat and may reposition a bit of muscle tissue. This eliminates puffiness in the lids, and it also gets rid of the most prominent wrinkles. 

Some individuals experience drooping of the upper lid to such a degree as to have their eyesight impaired. The upper lashes can sag as well, and this makes it very difficult to see and focus. An eyelid lift procedure can correct this problem. After the surgery is complete, the result is a more youthful, attentive posture. The entire face will present a more alert, healthy appearance.

Consultation and Pre-Treatment

Your first consultation with us will involve a thorough examination of the lid skin. We’re looking for fat deposits that cause the skin to sag. We’re also examining the skin thickness and the current position and posture of the upper and lower lashes.

If we decide that an eyelid lift is the correct choice for improving the appearance of the lids, we will set a date for surgery and give you an information packet to take home. The information will guide you through the steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the lift procedure.

Certain medications will have to be avoided in the weeks leading up to surgery. This is necessary in order to minimize bleeding during and after the procedure. The day before the surgery, you’ll want to make sure you have bandages, ice cubes, and plenty of groceries on hand. Someone will have to drive you home after the surgery because you’ll still be under the influence of anesthetics.

Correcting Lower Lid Problems

We’ll choose the appropriate anesthetic and let you know which ones we’ll administer. We may choose an oral sedative or an intravenous sedative. Once the sedative has taken effect, we will make an incision along the natural crease just below the lower lash line. We will use a special tool to remove any fat buildup that’s causing the drooping. We may also reposition or remove a tiny bit of muscle tissue or subcutaneous material.

We then pull the skin upward toward the incision. This tightens the skin and eliminates wrinkles. Finally, we cut a thin strip of the skin away before sealing the incision with skin glue.

We may choose to perform a transconjunctival lid lift. This is performed by making a few tiny incisions on the inside of the lower lid rather than one large cut on the outside. No scarring results from this because the incision is on the inside of the lid. A transconjunctival procedure is often performed if fat needs to be removed but the skin itself isn’t wrinkled and needs no tightening.

Tightening the Upper Lids

The upper eyelids often suffer from sag and droop that lowers the position of the lashes. A prominent banding of the skin can form just above the lash line. We correct this by making two incisions across the middle of the lid. The incisions meet on both the right and left. This strip of skin is then removed. We take out excess fat and then pull the skin upward to meet the incision line. This type of incision may have to be closed with tiny sutures instead of skin glue. Because the skin is so thin, the sutures may have to be strong and of the non-dissolving kind. 

The result of this skin tightening is a smooth surface with no banding or wrinkling. The lashes are raised, and this makes for a more youthful, attentive posture. The sutures are removed about a week later during a follow-up visit. Any scarring fades quickly, and the scars aren’t visible anyway because the incisions are made along the natural crease.

After Surgery

A typical eyelid surgery for the correction of wrinkles, sags, and folds is usually completed in less than two hours. After you return home, there are a few post-treatment procedures you need to perform yourself. We’ll choose the proper antibiotic for you to take, and we’ll have already shown you how to wash the area daily and how to change the bandages. You can use ice packs made with zip-loc bags and ice cubes to keep the area soothed for the first few days after the surgery.

You’ll also use a recommended eye drop solution to keep the eyes from drying out. Your vision won’t be impaired after the surgery because any swelling fades very quickly. The antibiotics will prevent any infections during the healing process.

You’ll be ready to present yourself in public in less than a week. We will schedule several follow-up visits so that we can monitor the skin healing process. 

Combining Procedures

During the initial consultation, we will listen to your concerns and may recommend combining an eyelid surgery with other treatments such as the use of dermal fillers or a brow lift. A brow lift is similar to an eyelid lift but corrects sagging on the lower part of the forehead. This treatment raises the position of the eyebrows and can be performed on the same day as blepharoplasty.

Long-Term Results

Our clients are thrilled with the results of blepharoplasty. Because fat builds up very slowing beneath the lid skin, an eyelid lift can produce satisfying results that last for years. Remember that this is a cosmetic fix and doesn’t stop the aging process. However, the functional benefits should be considered as well as the aesthetic ones. Your eyesight may improve because the sagging and drooping that was causing problems with your peripheral vision has been corrected. 

We may suggest ongoing skin rejuvenation treatments to help keep the lid skin looking smooth and healthy. These treatments could include light therapy, laser resurfacing, or the use of vitamin-rich salves. These treatments will help you maintain a fresh look to the lid skin and prevent darkening of the skin tone, brittle skin texture, or an overall dull appearance to the skin surface.

Ask Yourself Questions

Now that you’re familiar with eyelid surgery and what it involves, ask yourself questions about your readiness for this type of procedure. When you come in and consult with us, you’ll want answers, so think now about what the procedure involves, how much downtime you need to schedule, how many follow-up visits are necessary, and how you’ll care for your eyes in the days following the surgery. We’ll show you before-and-after photos of some of our clients when you come in for a consultation, and we’ll outline a general schedule of events that include pre-treatment and post-treatment care.

This is a relatively simple cosmetic procedure, and although the details of how it’s performed can become a quite lengthy discussion, everything is scheduled in a specific sequence. The steps naturally follow one another, and you’ll be quite prepared by the time the surgery date arrives.

A Totally Refreshed Look

As we stated earlier, this type of surgery isn’t going to reverse the aging process. What it will do is bring about a more youthful, healthy appearance, one that your family and friends will immediately notice. This does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. 

It’s not going to change your personality, or in other words, who you are. However, it will indeed change the way you interact with others because you’ll know you’re more presentable. A simple surgery to correct the overall appearance of your facial features can positively alter the way you interact because you’ll feel more confident.

Are There Restrictions for Candidacy?

All procedures that involve surgery can only be performed if certain criteria are met. An eyelid lift is no exception. If you have certain medical conditions or are currently taking drugs that you must indeed take, you may not be eligible for blepharoplasty. You should be in good overall health and not have any serious skin condition that could worsen if surgery is performed.

We will want to look closely at your medical history. During the initial consultation, we will ask about medicines you’re taking and if you are on any special treatment for other conditions. You can ask your regular doctor about this, and make sure to announce your desire for eyelid surgery. Your doctor will forward any important information to us, and we need to look over this information closely before we can give the thumbs up for performing an eyelid lift.

Enjoy a More Refreshed Appearance

If drooping or sagging lids are getting you down, there’s a simple cosmetic solution. Visit Zormeier Cosmetic Surgery and Longevity Center to learn more about eyelid surgery and what it can do to dramatically improve your overall appearance. We are conveniently located in Noblesville, Shelbyville, Danville, Healdsburg, and Ukiah. You can’t turn back time, but you can certainly achieve the results you desire via the performing of blepharoplasty. Contact us today to schedule your consultation! 

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